Downtown Main Street

The walkable and commuter-friendly historic downtown features an eclectic mix of small locally owned shops, restaurants, residential lofts, and condominiums with a classic feel.



West Chicago is not just another suburb – it is a city and a hometown. As a result, its historic central business district – Downtown Main Street – is the traditional heart and soul of the community. It is a historic, walkable, mixed-use dining and entertainment district - a central gathering place for the community as a whole.

Downtown West Chicago is unique because its Downtown Main Street business district is not a U.S. or Illinois highway – this means the City has far greater control over its urban design than most suburban communities. As a result, the City is able to feature iconic signage and other streetscaping elements that differentiate the area, add a unique sense of place, and create a memorable destination.

Downtown Main Street also features a Metra station on the Union Pacific West Train Line and some suburban-style, transit-oriented development. There is an increasing interest in the suburban Chicago housing market with traditional, walkable neighborhoods in close proximity to the central business district, the local park, and community landmarks, while still featuring attractive but affordable housing and the West Chicago Downtown Main Street neighborhood clearly has that to offer -- not only to new residents but to new businesses as well.