Message from the Mayor

There’s never been a better time to join the ranks of successful businesses which call West Chicago home. For this reason we have created West Chicago Now, an economic development initiative to help equip decision-makers with the information they need to make the right location choice for their business in our welcoming City.

Like a Central City, West Chicago is a microcosm of successful urban counterparts with all the benefits of being situated in the western suburbs, just 32 miles from Chicago. It serves as a transportation hub with its award-winning DuPage Airport, rail lines which have played a major role in building West Chicago’s economy since 1849, and easy access to major highways.

West Chicago offers a strong, diverse labor force of professional, skilled and semi-skilled workers, and the City works collaboratively with area educational institutions, government agencies, economic development organizations and private staffing agencies to meet the labor needs of the business community.

Plus, customized incentive packages including a Downtown Retail and Restaurant Grant Program and a Façade Improvement Program; combined with streamlined development processes; City beautification and image marketing programs that bring positive exposure to businesses and the entire community, make West Chicago a smart choice for opening a business.

It’s more than just the stars that are aligned in West Chicago. It is people joining forces with a shared vision for the future that has driven the initiatives which set this community apart and position it for stellar success.

I invite you to better get to know our City through the links below, which illustrate the collective vision of our community and where we’re heading in the future. Let us put you in touch with businesses willing to share their stories and their enthusiasm for West Chicago.

Their success is our success is your success. Choose West Chicago Now!


Ruben Pineda
Mayor, West Chicago

The Department of Community Development’s Economic Development program has three primary roles:

  1. Carry out policies and programs to support business retention and growth, and to support the vitality of West Chicago’s business districts.
  2. Where appropriate, integrate economic development support into all local development planning projects or initiatives, such as the West Chicago Strategic Plan, Central Main Street Redevelopment Plan, etc.
  3. Conduct economic studies and analyses such as market analysis, performance monitoring, growth capacity analysis, and business surveys.

Start Your Next Business Venture in West Chicago - .pdf 905kb

The West Chicago Strategic Plan

The West Chicago Strategic Plan charts a new course for the West Chicago community. It is not an internal, municipal document. It is a collective vision for the entire community and details a variety of actions that can be implemented by everyone to improve their community -- from neighborhood groups to business leaders, other taxing bodies to religious organizations.

West Chicago Strategic Plan – Part 1 of 2 (Adopted May 2016)
West Chicago Strategic Plan – Part 2 of 2 (Adopted May 2016)
West Chicago Strategic Plan – Economic Development Priorities (Pages 14-43)

The Central Main Street Redevelopment Plan

The Plan, which was originally prepared in 2007, presents redevelopment scenarios for those properties located primarily along Main Street between the City’s traditional Downtown Central Business District area and the Route 59/Main street area. Because most of the property within the Plan area is City-owned and within the City’s Downtown TIF (Tax Increment Finance) District, the City is motivated to pursue redevelopment of this area.

In order to pursue redevelopment opportunities, the City must first complete this Plan update. The City desires to identify current market trends, appropriate incentives and other avenues to prepare for redevelopment of the Plan area. The properties within the Plan area, while strategically located near the commuter rail station and between two commercial activity areas, are currently underutilized. The City sees the Plan and eventual redevelopment as opportunities to strengthen and connect the two areas (traditional Downtown area and Route 59/Main street area), provide for additional real estate development and strengthen the community’s property tax base.

Central Main Street Redevelopment Plan - 1 of 2 (updated May 2018) .pdf 8MB
Central Main Street Redevelopment Plan - 2 of 2 (updated May 2018) .pdf 8MB




Ruben Pineda
Mayor, West Chicago