The center of community life, downtowns offer something in short supply in today's fast paced, mass produced world ~ local flavor, unique history, and authentic experiences. Simply put, downtown West Chicago offers a glimpse of the past, the present and the future.


Excellent education at all levels has always been a priority for residents of West Chicago, a community that is served by an exceptional network of schools, both public and private.

History, Arts & Culture

West Chicago has a rich history and a vibrant arts community that has grown exquisitely in recent years and has blossomed into one of the best in the Midwest.


An important consideration for businesses locating in a community is market rate housing for its employees. West Chicago is able to offer appropriate housing stock for a wide-range of workforce needs is critical to businesses that understand housing as part of the quality of life equation.

Parks & Recreation

Outstanding opportunities for active recreation and relaxation are prominent in this suburban Chicago location. The West Chicago Park District is a top source for residents in search of recreation. The District oversees more than 390 acres of parkland divided into 13 park sites, which includes the 125-acre Reed-Keppler Park.

Special Events

Whatever the season, there’s a reason to celebrate in West Chicago. Family-friendly events, coordinated by community volunteers and organizations in cooperation with the City of West Chicago bring people together to share an experience that’s distinctly West Chicago!

Spirit & Pride

It’s more than just the stars that are aligned in West Chicago. It’s people aligning with a shared vision for the future that has been the driving force behind initiatives that set this community apart and position it for stellar success.

Transportation Infrastructure

Nestled in the heart of the western suburbs, a mere 32 miles from downtown Chicago, West Chicago’s ideal location places it within easy reach of the region’s vast transportation networks—an appealing feature that both commuters and businesses have come to appreciate.