The center of community life, downtowns offer something in short supply in today's fast paced, mass produced world ~ local flavor, unique history, and authentic experiences. Simply put, downtown West Chicago offers a glimpse of the past, the present and the future.

The City Museum serves as a dynamic history and art center that inspires and involves the community through research, programs, education and exhibits. Family-owned, ethnically diverse restaurants; small, independent retailers and service businesses that know their customers by name; and, an art gallery supported by the City of West Chicago, have served to nourish and strengthen downtown as a cultural center.

The arts are alive and well in Downtown West Chicago, Illinois! A ten person Cultural Arts Commission was established by the City of West Chicago in January 1993 with the mission of enriching the lives of all West Chicago residents through the active support of cultural arts activities in the City. The Commission sponsors public art programs, workshops, art exhibits, community art projects, and other special events.

It also supports an increasingly popular downtown art destination ~ Gallery 200. This public-private art initiative has enabled an underutilized storefront to be transformed into an art cooperative which fills a creative niche in the community and has reinforced West Chicago’s reputation as an art destination.

Public art installations enhance the historic architecture, and self-guided tours of each are provided throughout the year.

Like the intricately painted fountain gifted to the City of West Chicago from the local chapter of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in 1897 which still functions as a historic downtown centerpiece, Downtown West Chicago is brimming with possibilities, whether you’re a serious bargain hunter or just out to browse - you’ll feel a special satisfaction knowing that you support local small business. Ample parking and great restaurants nearby make downtown West Chicago a perfect days outing.

Downtown West Chicago offers a glimpse of the past, the present and the future. Spend some time discovering its rich heritage, current distinction and exciting prospect.